Changes in CCV Support

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When CCV introduced the newer system a few years ago they were not able to move the security questions to access your account.  Since then, most of you have used the newer system and have re-entered your questions and answers, with the assistance of NBHRF (when you were not able to remember your log in information).  For those of you who have not used the CCV since the new version was implemented, you may want to enter your questions and answers before the end of January because at that time, CCV will be introducing a new support system where NBHRF will no longer be your point of contact for help with your Log in. You will still have support from CCV themselves and if you have your questions and answers saved on your account,  you will be able to simply use the “Forgot Username” and/ or “Forgot Password” features for a quick reset.  Without your security questions you will need to go through CCV central support for assistance to reset your account.  This can take up to 24 hours.  If you require assistance in January you can still send NBHRF an email at for assistance.