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NOTE:  Clinical Scholarships for this competition are available for individual clinicians (not the support of a team / group / network of clinicians) employed or credentialed in Regional Health Authority RSV, with an academic affiliation in New Brunswick.
2021-2022 Competition (2021-22 to 2024-25)

·         Application Deadline:                                 October 30, 2021
·         Funding Decision:                                      January 26, 2022
·         Funding Start Date:                                    April 1, 2022

Requirements Guide 


This Clinical Scholarship is a salary award designed to:

  • Facilitate the recruitment or retention of qualified clinicians with a track-record of clinical health research in various clinical therapeutic areas, preferably those identified as a priority for the New Brunswick Health Care System, who would like to begin or continue to pursue a career in health research;
  • Mentor such clinical health researchers to become more competitive in obtaining grants and awards from national and international agencies;
  • Promote the continuity and expansion of clinical research in New Brunswick; and 
  • Increase the likelihood that new knowledge (translation/mobilization) derived from basic and clinical research will benefit patients in New Brunswick as quickly as possible.


Applications are to be received from clinical health researchers who hold a medical degree (M.D.) with or without an additional degree (ex. Ph.D.) in any of the health sciences and/or health professions.  

Applicants and their institution (in the present case, Réseau de santé Vitalité and applicant's department) agree to provide at least 10% of protected time to research for the entire period of the award, e.g. four (4) fiscal years.  The time allocation varies based on the clinical responsibilities designated and agreed to by the regional health authorities and departments.   

The award replaces the equivalent salary paid by Vitalité.   It is not a top-up.  

This program covers four (4) research areas, all of which are open to all eligible applicants:  

1. Biomedical:  Research involves cellular, body system, and whole body processes, as well as therapies or devices that may be used to improve health. 

2.  Clinical:  Clinical research on humans includes diagnosis and intervention through treatment, prevention, and health promotion. 

3. Health Services and Systems: The way that health services are delivered, their quality and costs, and how they are received, are all issues for research in health services. 

4. Social, Cultural, Environmental, and Population Health:  This includes research on individual, social and cultural factors and interactions among them that are linked to health status or behaviours.   There are many social and cultural factors that are relevant to health:  the organization and provision of health care, social and health-care policy, education, economics and employment, the media, ethical issues, the environment in which we live and so on. 


Eligibility Criteria, Requirements, Terms and Conditions

Applicants must:

  • be Canadian citizens or permanent residents at the time the award comes into effect;
  • be working in New Brunswick as a clinician in a health-care institution at the time the award comes into effect and for the entire duration of the award;
  • devote at least 10% of their work time to research while carrying on clinical activities that correspond to the balance of their remaining work time;
  • demonstrate the capacity or potential to be a competitive researcher at the national and international levels;
  • include a full CCV using the NBHRF Template (see www.ccv-cvc.ca);
  • provide proof of academic degrees, diplomas, licenses, memberships and/or certifications from academic institutions and professional associations certifying that the applicant is qualified and will be entitled to practice in New Brunswick by the time they start their award;
  • include a project description or research plan (max 5 pages, excluding references, figures), with additional pages providing expected outcomes and deliverables (1 page), a gantt chart of activities over 4 years (1 page) and a plan to seek additional funding for  salary, operations and student support (1 page);
  • include a personal letter of presentation (1 page);

include letters of support from:

  • (1) the host academic institution 
  • (2) the host clinical department 
  • (3) the host regional health authority
  • (4) the host (if applicable) Medical Training Program;
  • (5) two respondents who are familiar with the applicant’s work.  One of the respondents must have been involved in the applicant’s most recent research training or activities.
  • confirming:
    • where the work (office and laboratory space) will be conducted;
    • the secondment of their clinical position to conduct research;
    • an academic affiliation at an adjunct level or above, that will allow the applicant to co-supervise students and apply to national health research funding agencies/charities/etc.

Complete the application form (including all fields with an asterisk (*) if the required fields are not filled out your application will not be processed for review) for the Clinical Scholarships program and prepare the following documents adhering to the page limitation indicated in the right-hand column in PDF format and upload them in your online application. Ensure the following sections of the online application form are competed: Project Information, Funding Sources and Release Time Requested, Short Abstract, Required Additional Documents and Signatures.

Letter of presentation


Project descriptive and attachments




Academic degrees, diplomas, licenses, memberships and/or certifications


Letters of support from host institutions


Letter of support from the regional health authority


Letter of support from the department head


Letter of support from the host university


Letter from Medical Training Program


Letters of support / reference from respondents


Signed, scanned signature page (see Signatures below)


  • Once online application is submitted, no other documents will be accepted. These documents will be forwarded to the review committee.


Applications are peer-reviewed to ensure that:

  • They fit with the general purpose and requirements of the funding program, including the importance of the study to the clinical, medical and social research needs of New Brunswick
  • They reflect the priorities of the provincial government (GNB) and the NBHRF respectively.

All applications are reviewed by a peer-review committee made up of seven (7) members from outside of Atlantic Canada representing various health disciplines and research methodologies and stakeholders.

The NBHRF will provide salary awards to the top ranked applicant(s), conditional upon

  • Yearly availability of funding and,
  • Clinical activity requirements relative to clinical compensation, 

and allocate funds to a Health Network, to administer them. 

Peer-review decisions are final and there is no appeal process.

Funding Period        

Up to a maximum 4 fiscal years, starting in 2021-22 to 2024-25, accompanied by one mid-term progress report after 24 months that will determine:

  • Continuation for the remaining duration of the salary award;
  • An extension of 1 year (conditions will apply); or
  • Immediate termination due to the lack of sustainable progress.

Number of Clinical Scholarship Awardees  

The number of positions/ awards depends upon the allocated time and financial envelope.   

Salary Scale and Concurrent Funding

The salary award is variable (at least 10% of allocated clinical time for health research) and includes benefits, based on the current pay scale set by the government of New Brunswick for those clinical specialties.

No other salary award may be held concurrently. Other compensation may include clinical salary or clinical fee-for-service.

Partnering Stakeholders and Host Institutions

  • The partnering institutions are:
  • The NBHRF, the Funder on behalf of the GNB; 
  • A Medical Training Program:  Centre de formation médicale du Nouveau-Brunswick (CFMNB)
  • A Regional Health Authority that will be expected to demonstrate their ability to sustain clinical care:  Réseau de santé Vitalité.
  • Any NB-based academic Institution that will ensure that the selected Clinical Scholar obtains a minimum status of adjunct-professor to allow grantsmanship and student supervision privileges for the duration of the salary award;
  • A host institution that provides a functional laboratory, other research premises, outpatient clinical premises and a sufficient number of beds to complete the clinical research project and basic equipment required for research purposes.

Leave of Absence  

Awardees are entitled to take parental leave.  The award may be deferred for a maximum of three (3) months.   The awardee must give the NBHRF written notice of his/her intention to take parental leave. Research Scholars will receive their full stipend during a sabbatical leave year.              

The awardee may defer the award in case of a serious illness (his or her own or that of a close family member) upon presentation of a medical certificate that includes the precise length of leave prescribed by the physician.  Payments will be suspended during that period.                             

Research Location

Awardees must conduct their clinical health research at a host institution, either a New Brunswick medical training program and / or a New Brunswick regional health authority and / or a New Brunswick academic institution and/or a New Brunswick Research Center or Institute affiliated to either one or more of the previous entities.  

Agreement and Support by the Regional Health Authority

By signing the application and providing a letter of support and secondment, a RHA approves and supports an Applicant and assumes jointly the responsibilities listed above with the head of a hospital department from which the Applicant is seconded.

Final Report

Grant Recipients are required to submit a Final Report within 90 days of the award end date by completing the NBHRF final report form found by logging into your NBHRF account and providing all required attachments including the financial statement from the host institution.   


For each of the required signature organizations (one or more can also be a host institution)
Ensure your names and titles are entered in the appropriate fields on your online form.  Use the "Add more" button to add multiple names and title. 
  • Regional Health Authority (field = Institution)
  • Hospital Department (field = Department)
  • Medical Training Program (field = Institution)
  • Academic Institution (field = Institution)
Please provide the names and signatures of the individuals who have the authority to bind the institution or organization to the general conditions governing salary awards.   For Réseau de santé Vitalité, this is the VP, Medical, Academic and Research.
DO NOT submit your application prior to receiving the appropriate signatures. The signature information is the last section of the application.  Once entered ensure to “Save Draft”.  Print your PDF (go to View scroll to the bottom of the page and click on View PDF). You may logout of the application at this time.  Your information will be saved because you clicked “Save Draft”.   Obtain the required signatures on the page, scan it and log back into your account.  Click the "Edit" button on your Portfolio page.  Click the “Choose Files” button under "Application Details Attachments" and upload the scanned signature page. Click the Signature Acquired boxes.
It is important that you obtain signatures BEFORE you submit this application. After you perform the Final Submit, you will not be able to make changes. You must review your application with each of the primary stakeholders and obtain their signatures. The signature on the pdf signature page must match the Signature Acquired name entered on the online application. (Example: You realized (or been told) that you have an incorrect name entered on your pdf for signature; you can strike out the original name and write in the appropriate name on your pdf form, and get the appropriate person to sign, HOWEVER, before submitting your application, you must return to that field in your online application and change the entry to the same name and title of the person who has signed.
If you are finished your application, click "Submit", if you wish to make any other changes or additions, click "Save Draft" and make those changes. You will receive an e-mail advising that your application has been received.  In the e-mail you will also be given a unique application number, please ensure that you record this number for future reference.
Application Process Checklist
  1. Complete a Canadian Common CV and submit it using the NBHRF Template (see www.ccv-cvc.ca).
  2. Complete the NBHRF Clinical Scholarship Salary Award Application formincluding all (*) fields and all additional documents as outlined in the Eligibility section above. 
  3. Ensure that all attached documents reflect the format outlined below:
    • Margins:   3/4" (2cm)  
      Page:    8.5"x11" (21.5x28 cm) 
      Font:     12 points 
      Spacing:  No condensed type or spacing 
      Line Spacing:  Single-spaced 
  4. Ensure all documents are uploaded in your online application prior to submitting.

Expected outcomes and deliverables (to be addressed in progress and final reports) 

1. Increase health research productivity measured via:

  • the success of attracting external peer-review funding (national tri-councils, health charities, medical school grants, etc.);
  • the training and mentoring of students, fellows and residents;
  • the quality (impact factor) and quantity (first versus co-author or corresponding author) of publications;
  • the dissemination of research results via poster or oral presentations at regional, national and international venues;
  • the leadership of or participation in clinical trials;
  • the implementation of evidence-based medicine and best-practices in the health care system.

2. Develop skills to bring the clinical researcher to a national level of excellence and competitiveness to  attract external funding.

Peer-Review Evaluation Criteria (click here to view peer review criteria)

1.  Overall quality of the candidate’s research  (20 points / 100)

2.  Potential impact / significance of proposed research    (20 points / 100)

3.  Publications and oral / poster presentations   (20 points / 100)

4.  Applicant’s Salary awards, prizes, operating grants, clinical trials (20 points / 100)

5.  Training and mentoring (TRAM) track-record (20 points / 100)

NBHRF Clinical Scholarship Salary Award online application.