NBHRF & CIHR-SPOR-MSSU Studentship/Fellowship

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Requirements Guide


This program is designed for New Brunswick-based university or college students seeking to pursue health research training in any discipline (all faculties and/or departments are eligible, e.g. Economics, Psychology, etc., not just those traditionally related to health sciences such as Nursing, Biology, Biochemistry, etc.).  All human health themes are eligible, regardless of proposed methodology or models. Projects must be relevant to the Maritime SPOR Support Unit (MSSU – http://www.spor-maritime-srap.ca/ ) and involve access to and analysis of data related to health research in any of the four CIHR pillars described below.  


Research supported must be in a field of human health research (the four CIHR pillars), defined broadly as encompassing biomedical science, clinical research, health services and systems research, and research on the cultural, social, and environmental determinants of population health.   The student or fellow must be under the supervision of a health researcher (i.e. supervisor) who conducts research in New Brunswick, at a university, college or institution (e.g. medical training programs, regional health authority hospitals).

Important Dates

  • Application Deadline:         January 6, 2020
  • Funding Decisions by:       March 15, 2020
  • Funding Start Date:           July - September 2020                   


The program is offered annually, subject to availability of funding. The number of awards that can be funded varies.   For the 2020 competition, NBHRF will offer awards as shown in each of the categories listed below: 

Post-Doctoral Fellowship (M.D. and/or PhD)                  for 2 yrs. at $50,000/yr.

PhD Studentships                                                           for 3 yrs. at $24,500/yr.

MSc Studentships                                                           for 2 yrs. At $17,500/yr.

Duplicate Funding

No Duplication permitted.

Application Instructions at a Glance

The checklist below shows the steps an applicant will need to follow to submit an online application to NBHRF/MSSU for the Traineeship Award competition:

  • Complete an updated online Common CV using the ‘NBHRF Template’  of the applicant AND their supervisor
  • Complete the online application form (including all fields with an asterisk (*) if the required fields are not filled out your application will not be processed for review) and prepare all required attachment documents including a scanned completed signature page and a scanned transcript (if applicable)
  • Submit online application with all attachments


To be eligible, the student/fellow and principal applicant must:

  • propose original research which is directly relevant to the health of New Brunswickers and the mandate of the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit;
  • at the time of application, be in the process of applying to, or be accepted into, a thesis-based full-time Master's or PhD graduate university program offered in New Brunswick or in the process of applying, being accepted or registered as a postdoctoral fellow and be under the supervision of a researcher (i.e. supervisor) conducting research in New Brunswick, in a New Brunswick university, college or institution. (e.g. medical training programs, regional health authorities’ hospitals);
  • not hold any remunerated academic appointment or any other fellowship/studentship funding;
  • for PhD applicants, be registered at a university offering PhD graduate training in New Brunswick and reside in New Brunswick for the tenure of the award;
  • if students are working full time, they must demonstrate that they have a reasonable work plan for their proposed research activities
  • must be under the supervision of a health researcher who is an MSSU Associate Scientist conducting research in New Brunswick, at a university, college or institution (e.g. medical training programs, regional health authority hospitals).

Students with NBHRF funding who do not submit a final report or any other required documentation will be ineligible for future NBHRF/MSSU research funding.

Requirements for NBHRF/MSSU Trainee Award Applications

  • Applications must be completed including all (*) fields and & submitted online through the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation website (www.nbhrf.com). No additional documents will be accepted prior to or after the submission deadline. Also ensure that the following sections are completed: Project Information, Funding Sources, Student Supervisor(s), Short Abstract, Required Additional Documents and Signatures;
  • Completion and submission of a Canadian Common CV  on the ‘NBHRF Template’ for applicants and supervisors is required. It must be downloaded from the Common CV website and then uploaded as an attachment to the NBHRF application using the" Choose Files " button on the online application form (each CV must be uploaded separately);
  • Your electronic signature page document (obtained by scanning the paper copy after signatures have been obtained) must be uploaded separately as an attachment using the" Choose Files " button on the application formand named “signature page”. There is no need to submit the paper copy of the signature page; the electronic scanned version will be sufficient;
  • Complete applications must be submitted online by the determined date by 4:00 pm ADT,  If the the determined date falls on a weekend, the application must be submitted online the next business day by 4:00 pm ADT;
  • Awards are made for the listed durations. Unsuccessful applicants may apply again in subsequent years; 
  • Individual investigators may not hold concurrent funding under this and/or any other NBHRF or other funding program. 

Please ensure that your application is complete (including all (*) fields and all required signatures) and submitted on time to NBHRF. Failure to do so will result in an invalid application that will not be eligible for review.

The complete application must be submitted via the online process. (before submitting the online application return to this section and ensure all these documents are uploaded in your online form)

  *Page Setup and Format for Attachments


¾" (2 cm)


8.5" x 11.0" (21.5 x 28.0 cm)


12 point


No condensed type or spacing

Line Spacing:  


*Applicants are to ensure headings are included as outlined below and that page limitations are respected. 

*Plain Language Project/Program Summary (minimum 1 page, maximum 3 pages)

Outline the proposed research project / program. Applicants should provide an appropriate synopsis of their proposed research including research question(s) approaches, methods and literature, and any preliminary results etc.

*Relevance of Project/Program to Health Research in New Brunswick and the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit / MSSU (maximum 1 page)

Demonstrate the relevance of the proposed research project/program to the mandate of the NBHRF and the MSSU and discuss how the research will potentially contribute to improving the health of New Brunswickers.

Information on and Breakdown of Other Sources of Funding for the Project  

Amount, Source, Conditions

Common CV

A completed Common CV must be created using the ‘NBHRF Template’ (and/or updated) in the Canadian Common CV system for the applicant and their supervisor(s) as part of the NBHRF/MSSU Trainee Award application process.   A CCV can be uploaded as a document through the “Choose Files” button on your application. Please note that a “Draft” CCV will not be accepted as part of your application.  Please ensure that you upload the correct version of your CCV in your NBHRF application.   

Signatures Page (Scanned completed signature page)


Applications are reviewed to ensure that they:

  • fit with the general purpose and requirements of the funding program, including the importance of the study to the applicant's research career establishment in New Brunswick.
  • reflect the mandated initiatives of the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation and the Maritime SPOR Support Unit.


Please enter the name of the person who has the authority to bind the institution or organization to the general conditions governing grants and awards and have them sign the "Institution (To be signed by Authorized Official)" box.

Application Submission - Read Carefully

Ensure you review the application for completeness (including all (*) fields) and accuracy prior to submitting as you will not have access for editing after you click the submit button.

Ensure that all attachments (files), CCVs and signature page are uploaded with your application using the “Choose Files” button prior to submission.

DO NOT submit your application prior to receiving the appropriate signatures. The signature information is the last section of the application.  Once entered ensure to “Save Draft”.  Print your PDF (go to View scroll to the bottom of the page and click on View PDF). You may logout of the application at this time.  Your information will be saved because you clicked “Save Draft”. Obtain the required signatures on the page, scan it and log back into your account.  Click the "Edit" button on your Portfolio page. Click the “Choose Files” button under "Application Details Attachments" and upload the scanned signature page. Click the Signature Acquired boxes.

It is important that you obtain signatures BEFORE you submit this application. After you perform the Final Submit, you will not be able to make changes. You must review your application with each of the primary stakeholders and obtain their signatures. The signature on the pdf signature page must match the Signature Acquired name entered on the online application. (Example: You realized (or been told) that you have an incorrect name entered on your pdf for signature; you can strike out the original name and write in the appropriate name on your pdf form, and get the appropriate person to sign, HOWEVER, before submitting your application, you must return to that field in your online application and change the entry to the same name and title of the person who has signed.

If you are finished your application, click "Submit", if you wish to make any other changes or additions, click "Save Draft" and make those changes. You will receive an e-mail advising that your application has been received.  In the e-mail you will also be given a unique application number, please ensure that you record this number for future reference.

Final Report

Award Recipients are required to submit a Final Report within 90 days of the project end date by completing the NBHRF final report form found by logging into your NBHRF account. The signed financial statement from the institution and a summary project report must be attached in the “Final Report Attachments” section.

All fields of the report form must be completed accurately. If information is missing or incorrect, the report will be rejected and recipients will be instructed to redo it.

The award recipient will receive an automated email confirming submission of the report. The award recipient will also receive an email from the NBHRF Program Director indicating whether or not the final report is complete and accepted. If it is not complete, appropriate actions will be arranged. 

Recipients who do not submit a final report or any other required documentation will be ineligible for future NBHRF research funding.

NBHRF & CIHR-SPOR-MSSU Studentship/Fellowship online application.