NBHRF Establishment Grant

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Requirements Guide


The Establishment Grant Program is intended to assist in the establishment of new outstanding health researchers  “residing in New Brunswick for less than 3 year” or in the process of  “coming / immigrating to” the province of New Brunswick by providing funding to establish their independent health research programs within the province.  Although the health researcher working and affiliated with a New Brunswick Institution is the nominated single applicant, it is expected that he/she works with their department head and vice-president-academic / research on the complete application. 


Research supported must be in a field within the four pillars of health research, defined broadly as encompassing biomedical science, clinical research, health services and systems research, and research on the cultural, social, and environmental determinants of population health.    Priority for this program will be given to those high quality applications that reflect the mandated initiatives of the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation.


The program is offered annually, subject to availability of funding.

·         The grant may be up to $60,000 per year for up to 2 years;

·         The grant may be used to match funds from another agency, provided that the request to the other agency has already been submitted (and thereafter pending the peer-reviewed evaluation that results in a scientific score the equivalent of 3.75 or above at the time of application to NBHRF) and that all NBHRF requirements and processes are followed. For any national application (eg. CIHR New Inv.) include the detailed scoring information provided to you by the agency (emails accepted);

·         Funds are advanced to the applicant’s organization in the fiscal year following the application date, after the candidate has accepted a tenure-track employment offer and must be utilized within two years of the date disbursed.

Duplicate Funding

If an applicant holds any kind of research award (not a salary award) from another agency, the NBHRF award will be reduced by the amount awarded from the other agency to ensure efficient use of public funds, except those funds allocated to teaching release.  As well, if the Establishment Grant applicant receives an operating grant related to the Establishment Grant, after they have received a NBHRF grant, the Foundation must be notified.  An Establishment Grant recipient may not decline another previously-offered grant or award in order to accept a NBHRF grant.

Application Instructions at a Glance

The checklist below shows the steps an applicant will need to follow to submit an online application to NBHRF for the Establishment Grant program:

·         Complete an updated online Common CV for the applicant using the template entitled "NBHRF Template";

·         Complete the online application form (including all fields with an asterisk (*) if the required fields are not filled out your application will not be processed for review) form and prepare all required attachment documents including a scanned FULLY COMPLETED signature page;

·         Submit the application ONLINE with all attachments. 


To be eligible to apply, the health researcher must:

·         Submit an application to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) or any other national funding agency (such as, but not limited to NSERC, or any national Charity with a peer review process) for funding. At any time, the health researcher may provide an   application to NBHRF for consideration, but only once the application has been through the peer review process and scored the equivalent of 3.75 or above, will the applicant receive an NBHRF decision. The original application to the agency and any other agencies, and detailed peer-review comments and evaluations, must be submitted to NBHRF by email to grants@nbhrf.com;

·         Be an independent health researcher at a New Brunswick Institution; confirmation of employment documentation from the host institution is required;

·         Not have previously held an NBHRF Establishment Grant;

·         Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or actively pursuing such status;

·         Be able to commit a minimum of 50% of his/her time to conduct research, i.e. have a written commitment from the host institution for the required teaching release time; NBHRF will seek verification of this commitment;

·         Be sponsored by the appropriate Department Head, Dean and Vice-President-academic / research, of a New Brunswick institution;

·         Advise NBHRF of a possible intent to submit an application at the time of submission of the original application to the national granting agency.

Allowable Expenses

Allowable expenses are those necessary to carry out the research and not provided through other means. They may include:

·         Research administrative support;

·         Up to 50% of the investigators’ first-year salary;

·         Salary of technicians, research assistants, research associates, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows; (individuals funded via NBIF are not eligible);

·         General office expenses and supplies;

·         Reimbursement for use of hospital equipment or personnel for medical procedures;

·         Expenses incurred by research subjects to allow them to participate in the research but not honoraria or payments for participation, except in exceptional circumstances;

·         Technical advice of an unusually complex nature and/or requiring a considerable time commitment that goes beyond what could be expected in a collegial relationship;

·         Research equipment (Note: Laptop and desktop computers are not considered allowable expenses unless they are connected to a piece of equipment);

·         Field travel;

·         Communications and knowledge translation; and

·         Travel for knowledge translation related to the program of research.​


Applications are reviewed to ensure that they:

·         Fit with the general purpose and requirements of the funding program (4 pillars of health research), including the importance of the study to the applicant's health research career establishment in New Brunswick;

·         Reflect the mandated initiatives of the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process of a health researcher to the province of New Brunswick must be transparent, open and equitable and compliant with the institution’s tenure-track hiring guidelines.

Requirements for NBHRF Establishment Grant Applications

·         Investigators must have obtained peer-review comments and scored the equivalent of 3.75 or above to be granted;

·         Grant applications must be complete (including all fields with an asterisk (*), Short Abstract and required signatures) and completed & submitted online (The complete application must be submitted via the ONLINE process ONLY) through the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation website;

·         Only the peer-reviewed assessment will be accepted (emailed to grants@nbhrf.com) after the initial submission;

·         Completion and submission of a Canadian Common CV using the template entitled "NBHRF Template" for the applicant is required.  It must be downloaded from the Common CV website and then uploaded as an attachment to the NBHRF application using the " Choose Files " button on the online application form and CV must be uploaded separately ;

·         The electronic signature page document (obtained by scanning the paper copy after signatures have been obtained) must be uploaded separately as an attachment using the" Choose Files " button on the application form and named “signature page”. Failure to do so will result in an invalid application that will not be eligible for consideration.  There is no need to submit the paper copy of the signature page; the electronic scanned version will be sufficient.

Once the application is received, review will begin immediately but final decisions are made only after reception of the peer-review comments and score.

*Page Set Up and Format for Attachments

Margins:                    ¾” (2 cm)    
Page:                         8.5” x 11” (21.5 x 28 cm) 
Font:                          12 point                                                                                      
Spacing:                   No condensed type or spacing
Line Spacing:          Single-spaced

Headings as outlined below are to be included as attachments and page limitations respected.

*Attachment #1- Lay Language Project Summary    (maximum 1 page) (see formatting above)

*Attachment #2- Relevance of Project/Program to Health Research in New Brunswick  (max. 1 page) (see formatting above)

Attachment #3- Information on and Breakdown of Other Sources of Funding for the Project   ($ Amount, Source, Conditions / Duration)

Attachment #4- Teaching Release Letter of Commitment from the host organization

Letter to be signed by the New Brunswick Institution Vice-President-academic / research indicating the number of course(s) for which release time will be provided.

Attachment #5 – Confirmation of Employment Documentation

Attachment #6 -  Letters from Sponsors

The application must include the letters from the hiring Department Head, Dean and Vice-President, academic / research; since the Establishment Grant is intended to establish an independent researcher in the province, sponsoring letters should focus on the fit of the proposed research program in the long term objectives of the institution and speak to the research promise of the applicant and why it is important that they join this New Brunswick institution as an independent health researcher.

Attachment #7 - Copy of Applicable National Agency Application, Notice of Recommendation and Comments from the Peer Review

Submit a copy of the relevant application together (when available) with its notice of recommendation or funding decision notification and peer review comments.  The application must be uploaded as an attachment using the “Choose Files” button on the application form.  The notice of recommendation/decision from the national agency must be emailed as one PDF document to grants@nbhrf.com

Attachment #8 - Common CV (CCV)

A completed Common CV must be created (and/or updated) in the Canadian Common CV system as part of the application process. Using the CV Funding option, select Funding Source NBHRF, and then select CV Type NBHRF Template.   The CCV will have to be uploaded as a document through the “Choose Files” button on the application form. Please note that a “Draft” CCV will not be accepted as part of your application.  Please ensure that you upload the correct version of your CCV in your NBHRF application.  

Attachment #9-Signatures

A scanned completed signature page.
Please enter the name of the person who has the authority to bind the institution or organization to the general conditions governing grants and awards and have them sign the "Institution (To be signed by Authorized Official)" box.

Before submitting the online application return to the section above and ensure all these documents are uploaded in your online form)

Application Submission - Read Carefully

Ensure you review the application for completeness (including all fields with an asterisk (*)) and accuracy prior to submitting as you will not have access for editing after you click the submit button.

Ensure that all attachments (files) are uploaded with the application using the “Choose Files” button prior to submission.

DO NOT submit the application prior to receiving the appropriate signatures.   The signature information is the last section of the application.  Once entered ensure to “Save Draft”.  Print your PDF (go to View scroll to the bottom of the page and click on View PDF). You may logout of the application at this time.  Your information will be saved because you clicked “Save Draft”. Obtain the required signatures on the page, scan it and log back into your account. Click the "Edit" button on your Portfolio page. Click the “Choose Files” button under "Application Details Attachments" and upload the scanned signature page. Click the Signature Acquired boxes.

It is important that you obtain signatures BEFORE you submit this application. After you perform the Final Submit, you will not be able to make changes. You must review your application with each of the primary stakeholders and obtain their signatures. The signature on the pdf signature page must match the Signature Acquired name entered on the online application. (Example: You realized (or been told) that you have an incorrect name entered on your pdf for signature; you can strike out the original name and write in the appropriate name on your pdf form, and get the appropriate person to sign, HOWEVER, before submitting your application, you must return to that field in your online application and change the entry to the same name and title of the person who has signed.

If you are finished your application, click "Submit", if you wish to make any other changes or additions, click "Save Draft" and make those changes.

You will receive an e-mail advising that your application has been received.  In the e-mail you will also be given a unique application number, please ensure that you record this number for future reference.

Final Report

Grant Recipients are required to submit a Final Report within 90 days after the 2 year grant duration, by completing the NBHRF final report form found by logging into your NBHRF account. A financial statement from the institution and a summary report must be attached as an "NBHRF Attachment"

If the project has been fully funded by a national agency, a copy of the agency's final report must also be included with the final report submission.

NBHRF Establishment Grant - online application