NBHRF Travel Grants

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Requirements Guide

Duplicate Funding
Allowable Expenses
Application Details
Required Attachments
Application Submission
Final Report


The NBHRF Travel Grant is designed to assist in capacity building by helping to defray the costs associated with making a scientific presentation (oral or poster) as a first author or presenter at a conference or other relevant professional meeting outside of Atlantic Canada.      Back to top of the page


The grant is offered to two categories:  

  • the Academic Travel Grant for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, health researchers and health research professionals; and
  • the Clinical Travel Grant for clinicians and clinical research coordinators.

Research supported must be in a field of human health research. The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) defines/categorizes these fields by four pillars: 1 – biomedical, 2 – clinical, 3 – health system services and 4 – population health.      Back to top of the page


The program is offered annually, subject to availability of funding.   

  • Grants may be up to $1,000 per applicant for a national presentation and up to $1,500 per applicant for an international presentation.
  • Student applicants must be sponsored to receive an NBHRF Travel Grant by their academic supervisor.  Grants are limited to two awards maximum per academic supervisor per calendar year.
  • Applicants are eligible for one NBHRF Travel Grant per calendar year.
  • Applications may be submitted anytime; there is no set deadline. However, grants will be awarded on a first come first serve basis.
  • The Academic Travel Grant must be matched (in cash) by other funders on a 1:1 ratio (i.e. NBHRF = $500: Other Funder = $500).
  • The Clinical Travel Grant must be matched  (in cash) by other funders on a 1:2 ratio (i.e. NBHRF = $750: Other Funder = $1500).     Back to top of the page

Duplicate Funding

This grant can be combined with other travel awards if they are insufficient to cover the full cost of travel expenses. Funding will be based on post-event actual cost and combined total leveraged funds (in cash)


To be eligible to apply, the applicant must provide supporting documentation that they:

  • are making a scientific presentation at the event (oral or poster presentation) and
  • have matching funds (in cash) at the required level.

Student applicants must provide a sponsorship letter from their academic supervisor.

The applicant must:

  • have an academic or clinical appointment at a New Brunswick university, college, research institution, health service organization, voluntary health agency or non-profit research organization;
  • be a registered graduate student (Master’s or PhD program) under the supervision of an academic or clinician health researcher at a New Brunswick institution;
  • be a Postdoctoral Fellow within 5 years of obtaining their PhD under the guidance of an academic or clinician health researcher at a New Brunswick institution; or
  • be a health research professional within 5 years of obtaining their diploma under the guidance of an academic or clinician health researcher at a New Brunswick institution.

Note: Health Research Trainees whose work contributes to projects directly supported by CIHR-SPOR initiatives (such as Maritime SPOR Support Unit, Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations Network, ACCESS Open Minds, Chronic Disease Networks, Innovative Clinical Trials or Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging ), or any other large national project (such as Movember, Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation, Canadian Frailty Network, or AgeWell), are not eligible for this award.      Back to top of the page

Allowable Expenses

Allowable expenses are: 

  • Registration fees at the lowest registration fee applicable such as the Early Registration rate 
  • Round-trip economy-class airfare
  • Economy accommodations including one night directly prior to the meeting commencement through to the day after the completion of the meeting
  • Daily meals 
    Allowance - $10 Breakfast, $20 Lunch, $30 Dinner (no alcohol)         Back to top of the page


Applications are reviewed to ensure that they:

  • fit with the purpose, scope and requirements of the funding program.
  • fit within a field of human health research as defined in “Scope” above.

Once the application is received, review will begin immediately. Decisions are typically made within two to four weeks from the time of submission.     Back to top of the page

Application Details

Complete the NBHRF online application form (all fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory). Attach all documents in the appropriate section of the form (either CCV Attachments or Application Details Attachments). Attachments are detailed below.       Back to top of the page

Required Attachment

Attachment #1: Full Abstract 

  • Upload under the section "Application Details Attachments"

Attachment #2: Presentation Validation Documents 

  • copy of the poster abstract page from the Conference materials (or equivalent)   
  • Upload under the section "Application Details Attachments"

Attachment #3: Matching Funder Commitment Letter (all matching funds must be in cash (not in-kind)) 

  • Upload under the section "Application Details Attachments"

Attachment #4: Academic Supervisor Sponsorship Letter (Student Applicants only)

  • Upload under the section "Application Details Attachments"

Attachment #5: Relevance of Project to Health Research in New Brunswick 

  • Maximum 1 page.
  • Page set up and format as outlined below must be followed.*
  • Upload under the section "Application Details Attachments”
Attachment #6: Copies of receipts for items claimed
  • Upload under the section "Application Details Attachments”

Attachment #7: Budget breakdown specific to NBHRF funds requested

  • Upload under the section "Application Details Attachments”

Attachment #8: Canadian Common CV (CCV)

  • A completed CV must be created (and/or updated) and submitted in the Canadian Common CV system as part of the application process. Using the CV “Funding” option, select “Funding Source NBHRF”, and then select “CV Type NBHRF Template”. The CCV will have to be uploaded as a document through the “Choose Files” button on the application form. Please note that a “Draft” CCV will not be accepted as part of the application. Please ensure that the correct version of the CCV is uploaded in the NBHRF application. A submitted version of the CCV will have a date submitted and a confirmation number at the top of the CCV.
  • Upload under section “CCV Attachments”.

Attachment #9: Signatures

  • A scanned completed signature page must be attached. 

It is important that signatures are obtained BEFORE the application is submitted. After the application is submitted, the applicant will not be able to make changes. The applicant must review the application with each of the primary stakeholders and obtain their signatures. 

The signatures required are:

1. Applicant
Enter the applicant's name on the online application. 

2. Department
Enter the name of the Dean/Department Head/Manager on the online application.

3. Institution
Please enter the name of the person who has the authority to bind the institution or organization to the general conditions governing grants and awards.

The signature on the pdf signature page must match the “Signature Acquired” name entered on the online application form. Should the applicant realize or be told that they have an incorrect name entered on the pdf for signature, the applicant can strike out the original name, write in the appropriate name on the printed form and have the appropriate person sign. Before submitting the application, however, the applicant must return to the same field in the online application and update the entry to match the name and title of the person who has signed. 

  • The signature in each section must match the individual named on the printed pdf and the on-line form.
  • Upload under section "Application Details Attachments".

*Page Set Up and Format for Attachments

Margins:              ¾” (2 cm)
Page: 8.5” x 11” (21.5 x 28 cm)
Font: 12 point
Spacing: No condensed type or spacing
Line Spacing: Single-spaced                                        Back to top of the page

Application Submission – Please Read Carefully

The applicant must review the application for completeness and accuracy prior to submitting. Applications can not be edited after clicking the “Submit” button.

Prior to submission, all attachments are to be uploaded with the application using the “Choose Files” button in the appropriate section (“Application Details Attachments” or “CCV Attachments”). See above.

Signatures must be obtained prior to submission. To do so, the applicant must follow the steps outlined below:

1. Enter the signatories’ nam
s in the appropriate fields on the online form.
2. Click “Save Draft”.
3. Go to “View”.
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
5. Click on “View PDF”.
6. Print the pdf document.
7. Logout of the application.
8. Obtain the required signatures on the printed pdf document.
9. Scan the signed document.
10. Log back into the account.
11. Click the "Edit" button for this application on the “Portfolio” page.
12. Click the “Choose Files” button under "Application Details Attachments".
13. Upload the scanned signature page.
14. Click the Signature Acquired boxes.
15. Click “Save Draft”.

Once the application is complete, click “Submit”.

The applicant will receive an e-mail advising that the application has been received, including a file number for future use.   Back to top of the page

Final Report

Grant recipients are required to submit a Final Report within 90 days of the end of the grant duration by completing the NBHRF final report form found by logging into their NBHRF account. The signed financial statement from the institution and a summary report must be attached in the “Final Report Attachments” section.

All fields of the report form must be completed accurately. If information is missing or incorrect, the report will be rejected and recipients will be instructed to redo it.

The grant recipient will receive an automated email confirming submission of the report. The grant recipient will also receive an email from the NBHRF Program Director indicating whether or not the final report is complete and accepted. If it is not complete, appropriate actions will be arranged.

Recipients who do not submit a final report or any other required documentation will be ineligible for future NBHRF research funding.       Back to top of the page

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