Partnerships for Health Systems Improvements (PHSI) – CIHR

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Partnerships for Health Systems Improvements (PHSI) – CIHR

The Partnership for Health Systems Improvements matching funds program was established to support researchers, their teams and decision-makers who want to conduct applied and policy-relevant health research projects.   Funding is for projects of research in which New Brunswick researchers and decision-makers figure prominently.  NBHRF will provide required matching funds (20% of total project cost to a maximum of $100,000). .  A letter of request must be submitted to NBHRF by September 10th, 2017.   Applicants seeking matching funding from NBHRF must complete and send a PDF of the ' Enter Budget Information Task' page from their PHSI application. This PDF can be generated within the application on ResearchNet when the budget task is completed. NBHRF will review the budget information and provide a letter of support if, upon review, the proposal meets our criteria for support. For more information on PHSI program and to get tips for PHSI success, visit CIHR's website. For more information on PHSI program and to get tips for PHSI success, visit CIHR's website.

The 2016-17 PHSI competition is now closed.   Please see the CIHR website for the 2017-18 launch.

Final Report

Grant Recipients are required to submit a Final Report within 90 days of the project end date by completing the NBHRF final report form found by logging into your NBHRF account.    
If the project has been funded by a national agency, a copy of the agency's final report must also be included with the final report submission. Also please submit the financial statement for this account from your institution’s financial services department.  It must be uploaded as an attachment using the “Browse” button on the form.