Research Workshop Support

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Requirements Guide


The Research Workshop Support fund is to assist in capacity building by way of financially supporting a workshop organizer by funding or partially funding a workshop. The workshop must be one with tangible outcomes addressing health research subject matters.


  • Grant applications must be completed & submitted online through the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation website 60 days prior to the event. No additional documents will be accepted prior to or after the submission deadline.
  • Completion and submission of a Canadian Common CV  using the template entitled "NBHRF Template" by the applicant is required. It must be downloaded from the Common CV website and then uploaded as an attachment to the NBHRF application using the "Browse" button on the online application form.
  • Your electronic signature page document (obtained by scanning the paper copy after signatures have been obtained) must be uploaded as an attachment using the "Browse" button on the application form.  There is no need to submit the paper copy of the signature page; the electronic scanned version will be sufficient.
  • Research Workshop Support grants are for a maximum of $5000. 

*Page setup and format for attachments

    Margins:     ¾" (2 cm)
    Page:          8.5" x 11.0" (21.5 x 28.0 cm)
    Font:           12 point
    Spacing:      No condensed type or spacing
    Line Spacing: Single-spaced

  • *Background to the problem being addressed and statement of need.
    (Maximum one (1) page)
  • *Summary of objectives of the workshop, expected tangible outcomes, and methods for evaluating the success of the workshop. also indicate source(s) and amount(s) of any other funding. (Maximum two (2) pages)
  • *Workshop organization (organizing committee etc.) (Maximum one (1) page) 
  • Meeting structure (title of sessions/plenary sessions/focus of breakouts etc.(Maximum two (2) pages)
  • *Invited attendees (keynote speakers, speakers, other attendees) and rationale for their inclusion.  (Maximum two (2) pages)
  • Budget justification ( Management or administrative charges or fees are not permissible expenses.) (Maximum one (1) page).
  • Common CV  A completed Common CV must be created (and/or updated) in the Canadian Common CV system as part of the NBHRF Workshop Support Grant application process. Using the CV Funding option, select Funding Source NBHRF, and then select CV Type NBHRF Template. You will have to upload your CCV as a document through the "Browse" button on your application. Please note that a “Draft” CCV will not be accepted as part of your application.  Please ensure that you upload the correct version of your CCV in your NBHRF application. 
  • Signatures If your institution does not have a Vice President, please enter the name of the person who has the authority to bind the institution or organization to the general conditions governing grants and awards and have them sign the "Institution (To be signed by Vice President)" box.

​Before submitting the online application return to the above section and ensure all these documents are uploaded in your online form.

Application SubmissionRead Carefully

Ensure you review the application for completeness and accuracy prior to submitting as you will not have access for editing after you click the submit button.

Ensure that all attachments (files), CCVs and signature page are uploaded with your application using the "Browse" button prior to submission.

DO NOT submit your application prior to receiving the appropriate signatures.  The form for all required signatures is the second page of the application.  Once you have completed the first page, click "Save and Proceed to 2nd page ", and the second page will appear.   Type in the required  names and  click "Save Draft".  Click the "Preview and Print" button and view the page to ensure the information on it is accurate.   Print the page by clicking the "Print" button.   You may logout of the application at this time.  Your information will be saved because you clicked "Save Draft".   Obtain the required signatures on the page, scan it and log back into your account.  Click the "Edit" button on your Portfolio page which will take you to your application's first page again.   Click the browse button under "Application Details Attachments" and upload the scanned signature page.  Click "Save and Proceed to 2nd page" and click the signature boxes on the second page.   If you are finished your application, click "Submit", if you wish to make any other changes or additions, click "Save Draft" and make those changes. You will receive an e-mail advising that your application has been received.  In the e-mail you will also be given a unique application number, please ensure that you record this number for future reference.

NBHRF will respond to requests for Workshop Support within a maximum of 30 days of receipt of application.

Final Report

Grant Recipients are required to submit a Final Report within 90 days of the project end date by completing the NBHRF final report form found by logging into your NBHRF account.  The Financial Statement for the award from the institution's financial office must be attached as an " NBHRF Attachment".

NBHRF-Research Workshop Support online application